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Address: 2-2-647/A/85, Saibaba Nagar Colony, Amberpet Telangana 500013 Hyderabad India

About Us

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.”

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Creating a Safer World: Empowering Women and Children

NaariSamatā (Na  a) is a charitable organisation dedicated to protecting women and vulnerable children through  awareness initiatives. We firmly believe in equipping the younger generation with the knowledge of gender equality and respect for women.  It teaches the youth about gender equality and respect for women.

The organisation was officially registered in India on 23rd June, 2023 as a Section 8 charity Licence Number 145373

We passionately campaign for the safety of women, children, the underprivileged, and marginalised communities. Our efforts extend to addressing issues related to gender, caste, and poverty. By educating youth about equality and fostering mutual respect, we strive to create a safer world, combating violence against women.

At the heart of our mission lies the empowerment of women and girls. We aim to provide them with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive in society. Through various programs and initiatives, we work towards building a society that embraces gender equality, where women and children can live without fear.

Join us in our pursuit of a safer world. Together, we can empower women, protect children, and promote a more inclusive and respectful society for all.

Act now to help us make this world a better place.


A safe world for all where equality is the norm not a privilege.


As defined in our constitution:

To provide support and advice to women, children and young people who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing violence and abuse.

To promote gender equality and diversity for the public benefit.

To promote the welfare of children and young adults in under privileged communities by providing recreational facilities.

To eliminate discrimination on the grounds of gender and age.

To advance education through the creation of e-learning tools and resources.

To help vulnerable adults, children and young people in under privileged communities by supporting activities which develop them into mature and responsible people.

Meet the Board



Sai Kumari


Saikumari, a former office worker turned entrepreneur, brings a wealth of experience from her extensive corporate background. Throughout her career, she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by women in the corporate world. Motivated by her passion for creating positive change, Saikumari has made it her mission to give back to society. With a deep understanding of the struggles women encounter in the professional realm, she is dedicated to empowering and supporting them through her role as director of NaariSamata

P A Raju


P A Raju


P A Raju, founding director of NaariSamata, India, is dedicated to championing women's empowerment. His upbringing in a matriarchal household has deeply influenced his mission. As the guiding force behind this budding charity, Raju envisions a world where women's rights and potential are unequivocally recognised and celebrated.

U S R Srinivas

Board Member

U S R Srinivas

Board Member

Passionate about improving societal change, Srinivas brings extensive experience in leading large-scale transformations in Cloud Computing, Oracle Digital Technologies, Enterprise Architecture, and Pre-sales. His strategic planning prowess encompasses business and delivery operations, services, databases, and information systems. As a dedicated board member, Srinivas combines technological acumen with a deep commitment to positively impacting the community.

Meet the Team

Our Advisors

Ravi Bhaskaran

Business Advisor

Ravi, a seasoned entrepreneur and VC with 30+ years of experience, is now the Managing Partner of Fog City Capital, investing in Enterprise, SaaS software, Internet Advertising, Online Fitness, Robotics, and AI. He has been a hands-on board member and advisor to portfolio companies like, Visual IQ, Om Entertainment Group, and SolutionSet, and also an angel investor in other startups. Ravi founded and led Pyramid Consulting, a Web 1.0 ad agency that was acquired by Knowledge Universe/Nextera.


Advisor for Projects

Asha is a highly accomplished strategic and financial leader with a wealth of experience in the biotechnology industry, including close collaboration with the venture capital community. Throughout her career, Asha has successfully transformed early-stage companies into either acquired entities or successful publicly traded corporations while simultaneously building and leading highly effective teams. Her expertise spans finance, accounting, strategy, and team building, and she has served on the board of multiple companies.

Anasuya Dubey

Charity Advisor

Anasuya Dubey is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience, dedicated to empowering women, and promoting humanity and animal welfare in India. With a diverse background of growing up in different countries and coming from a family committed to social and animal welfare causes, Ana can connect with clients from different lifestyles and sexual orientations. Ana believes it's a privilege to enhance the quality of her clients' lives and relationships. As part of the team, Ana will advise on counselling victims and empowering them to become survivors.

Naveen Judah

Charity Advisor

Naveen has worked extensively in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He started his working life with a firm of Chartered Accountants in London, where he worked as a Senior Auditor before moving into the commercial sector.

In the commercial sector, he held roles as Finance Director and turnaround agent for small and medium enterprises. He also spent some time as a Principal of Further Education College.

Naveen now spends most of his time working as a Non-Executive director and pro bono in the third sector.

Anita Sunder Rajan

Charity Advisor

Anita Sunder Rajan is an experienced IT professional with a deep-rooted passion for social justice. Driven by her concern for the rising incidents of rape and gender inequality in India, she has always harbored a dream of dedicating her full-time efforts to working for a charity after retirement. However, Anita's unwavering determination to make a meaningful impact sooner has led her to take action now. Leveraging her skills and expertise, she is committed to empowering women and underprivileged communities, channeling her expertise towards effecting positive change in society.

Bhagya Subramanian

Charity Advisor

Bhagya is a zoologist by education but has been passionate about the environment and has been working in USEPA for the last 30 years. She is retired as a program analyst and is well versed in being a jack of all trades and ready to fill in any position she is needed to fill in. She is an extrovert and enjoys being around and helping people. After retirement, she is going to spend some of her time helping Naari Samata. I hope to be able to help underprivileged young girls in India with the help of NaariSamata

Our Volunteer Web Developer

Sonny Hawkins

Web Developer

Sonny’s a Microsoft/Cisco certified IT systems Engineer/Web developer with over 15 years experience, having worked for big tech companies in the UK he now spends most of his time supporting clients in the non profit sector. In his spare time, he is an advocate for Autism and mental health raising awareness and understanding through various projects.

Our Volunteer Instructional Design Team



Philomena has been doing eLearning development for 6 years and learning instructional design along the way. She is excited to be involved in the project as volunteering has always been something she has enjoyed and likes helping others.



An outgoing, passionate and motivated learning and development specialist, with skills in design, delivery, quality assurance, e-learning and management. An ability to utilise blended and traditional learning techniques enables coaching, teaching and training to be adapted to suit stakeholder requirements and maximise improvements in skills and knowledge.



A passionate educator and instructional designer engaged in creating interactive, engaging, and impactful e-learning / digital learning courses. Loves to inspire others through writing quotes, short articles and also has worked towards skill development of underprivileged youth to promote employability. Excited to be associated with NaariSamata team and contribute towards the e-learning course development.

Our Volunteer Marketing Team



I'm an aspiring copywriter with a passion for creating compelling content that makes a positive impact. I've written blogs on the third sector and developing countries, and had two articles published in the View magazine. I'm particularly interested in fighting poverty and inequality, promoting education, and challenging perceptions.



Creative and dedicated video editor/motion designer with over five years of professional production experience with work expanding across creative, commercial, social, TV broadcast, live-recorded concerts and animation.
Siegfred has a diverse background in content creation for socials (TikTok, FB/IG), documentaries and marketing/promotions.



Florence is Assistant Editor for an online publication and has a passion for storytelling. Having recently completed a master’s degree in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at the LSE – where she specialised in global health and environmental sustainability in refugee settings – she is thrilled to now be a part of NaariSamatā’s incredible work.



Shivani is a financial administrator at a wealth asset management firm in Dublin, Ireland. She is a strong advocate for women's empowerment and is dedicated to fighting against oppression, mistreatment, and violence. Her passion for making a positive social impact began in her teenage years when she volunteered for various social causes, including education and youth empowerment. Shivani firmly believes in the importance of fairness for all in society and recognizes the crucial role of educating youth about their social responsibility.



Highly motivated, diligent and friendly professional with academic backgrounds in Sociology and Public
Policy. Gained valuable experience through a public sector internship and boasts multiple UNICEF and
United Nations certifications. Excellent leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills with the
ability to adapt quickly. Fluent in English and certified in Sociology by India's Union Grant Commission.
Committed to leveraging knowledge in sociology and public policy to drive sustainable development.

Our Volunteer Governance Team



Anahita is a passionate advocate for women's development and empowerment, using her master's degree in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from LSE to specialize in policy development, system-wide changemaking, and sexual and reproductive health programmes. She currently works as an Analyst at PPL, a consultancy that helps improve health and social care outcomes for the NHS, local government, and charities. Anahita has collaborated with multiple local and global NGOs in areas such as peacebuilding, child poverty, refugee rehabilitation, and women's empowerment, and brings diverse skills in research, monitoring and evaluation, and communications.



coming soon

Muskaan Project support

Daksha Varsani


In March 2020 Daksha & Paresh started the Community Response Kitchen to help Doctors and Nurses who were struggling to buy basic resources to cook for themselves. Going from 50 meals a day to 250,000 hot meals in 100 days was a truly remarkable feat. She received a BEM and is also a live kidney donor.

Paresh Jethwa


Paresh had been instrumental in setting up and running the Community response kitchen along with Daksha. He is passionate about creating a better world for the future. His energy and enthusiasm to help others is boundless. His dedication is contagious and spurs us all to do more. He will be receiving his MBE from the Queen for his dedicated services to the country in February, 2022. He will be heading the Indian operation along with Daksha once Daksha has recovered from her operation and fit to travel.

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